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"It’s rare to find a first collection of poems so layered with consequence and intoxicating metaphor. Feuchtwanger’s account of his return visit to South Africa “to unbury the dead” is exquisite and excruciating. This is an elegant and substantial new voice."

             Betsy Warland (Breathing the Page – Reading the Act of Writing)

"As I read on, I arrive at the poem "Cadence":

'how can I know what I feel

until I touch its rough edge;

what I think until I give it voice,

burn myself on the ash of a sentence

left hanging?'

What a truth. Not only a truth of this poem and the world of this speaker within the poems, but also a world and life truth. The way the micro points to the macro and back and forth from local to global and global to local--that's what I most appreciate about these...poems. They're chock full of smarts, heart, and art. They humbly and forthrightly make a geographic, psychic, and spiritual journey that's not unlike birth, wherein to survive we have to leave the womb."

            Jami Macarty (The Minuses, winner of the 2020 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award – Poetry Arizona)

“In Refugee Song, Lawrence Feuchtwanger takes the reader on a psychic journey back to the land of his birth, using sharply etched, taut, visceral poems to provide signposts along the way. Filled with echoes of longing and the ache that accompanies all attempts at return, the poems speak a language that is at once personal and political, held together by mythological strands that create yet another layer in this dense and intense spiritual travelogue.”           

             Michael Mirolla (Berlin, winner of the 2010 Bressani Award)

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